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International School News
These are just some of the news stories listed and fully accessible this week on the ISC Online news service - one of the many features of ISC Online

India - Chennai sees profusion of Cambridge schools
8th August 2015  

The city has always been known to be conservative when it comes to education, but now, the pace seems to

China - First BASIS.ed International School Opening in China
8th August 2015

The first school carrying the renowned BASIS name outside of the United States -- BASIS International Shenzhen -- is opening

Malaysia - New British Council School in Malaysia announced
8th August 2015

The FINANCIAL -- Plans for the establishment of a new British Council School in Kuala Lumpur have been revealed by

Thailand - The International Baccalaureate – could it rescue Thai education?
8th August 2015

Following the latest announcement from the education minster that the new Thai curriculum will focus on social studies, history and

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