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International School News
These are just some of the news stories listed and fully accessible this week on the ISC Online news service - one of the many features of ISC Online

Indonesia - Cambridge partners with Putera Sampoerna Foundation

18th February 2017

Cambridge International Examinations has entered into a partnership with Putera Sampoerna Foundation to deliver professional development for teachers in Indonesia. Since 2003, Putera Sampoerna Foundation has promoted a better quality of education for Indonesia through its Sampoerna Schools System and School Development Outreach......

Australia - Australian teachers spread their wings to Asia and Middle East
18th February 2017

Teachers Julie and Manuel ­Moreno consider themselves and their children global citizens after spending nearly two decades working in Vietnam, Mexico, ­London and, for the past eight years, Indonesia. They are among a growing number of Australian teachers and their families reaching for overseas experience at inter­national schools spreading across......

South Korea - SM Entertainment to open 'K-pop International School'

18th February 2017

The label is preparing to open up an alternative high school called 'K-Pop International School' that will teach actual subjects such as Korean, English, and Mathematics, but also teach other subjects such as music, ballet, and more that would help students become celebrities. ......

New Zealand - New Zealand students excel on the international stage

18th February 2017

New Zealand, 16 February 2017: Cambridge International Examinations is delighted to announce the winners of the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards 2017, New Zealand. The awards celebrate the outstanding academic achievements of secondary school learners in the June and November 2016 Cambridge examination series. 121 learners received awards for exceptional performance......

India - Int’l schools begin to make big shift to onscreen exams

18th February 2017

Mumbai: International schools in the city have begun to take baby steps towards onscreen examinations.Cambridge International Examinations, for one, has introduced onscreen board-level Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint Tests—equivalent to exams taken by Class VII or VIII students—at three schools across the country, including two in the city.The International Baccalaureate, too,......

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