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ISC Online offers unrivalled real time international schools market intelligence to support decision-making on go-to-market campaigns, international student recruitment, expansion plans and investments. It provides statistical information on school numbers, examinations, curricula, enrolment phases and school size by region, sub-region, country and city as well as a database of the world’s international schools including contact details of more than 30,000 school leaders.

ISC's Market Intelligence Reports are vital to organisations considering investing money, time or effort in the international schools market.

ISC’s Premier Service gives clients unrivalled access to premium schools in the world’s fastest growing regions.

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UK - Setting standards for new GCSEs in 2017
26th September 2014

Exams regulator Ofqual today (Friday, September 12) confirms how grading will work when new GCSEs are awarded for the first time.

New GCSEs in English language, English literature and maths will be taught in schools in England from September 2015, with students getting their results in August 2017.

UK - Ofqual proposes assessment details for a new range of GCSEs, AS and A levels to be taught from September 2016
26th September 2014

Ofqual today (Thursday, September 25) sets out proposals for how a range of new GCSEs, AS and A levels, due to be taught in schools and colleges from September 2016, should be assessed.

UK - Pupils to sit longer exams in tough new maths GCSE
25th September 2014

Pupils will sit more than four hours of exams and have less access to calculators as part of toughened up GCSEs in maths, it emerged today.
New specifications published by one of Britain's biggest exam boards suggested pupils would face more rigorous questions and cover the subject in greater depth......

The price paid for wanting a British education
25th September 2014

After paying the mortgage and rent, our biggest expat stress has been schooling, leaving me with endless questions. What school places are available? Which education system is used? Why is the uniform so expensive? I could go on.

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