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ISC Online offers unrivalled real time international schools market intelligence to support decision-making on go-to-market campaigns, international student recruitment, expansion plans and investments. It provides statistical information on examinations, curricula, enrolment phases and school size by region, sub-region, country and city, with up to date contact details of more than 8,500 schools including those planned or under construction.

ISC's Market Intelligence Reports are vital to organisations considering investing money, time or effort in the international schools market.

ISC’s Premier Service gives clients unrivalled access to premium schools in the world’s fastest growing regions.

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International School News
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Indonesia - International early education center established in remote area
21st  April 2014

East Bali Cashews (EBC), the island's first large-scale and environmentally friendly cashew processing facility, on Thursday inaugurated its early learning center (PAUD) to offer children within the rural Ban village a comprehensive pre-elementary school education.

Hong Kong - Parents in Hong Kong struggling with rising cost of English-language education
21st April 2014

After almost 20 years in Hong Kong, English teacher Amanda Chapman may soon be forced to leave the city because of difficulties in finding a suitable and affordable school for her daughter.

Saudi Arabia - UK consortia win £850m college contracts in Saudi Arabia
21st April 2014

The recently sealed deals will take the total number of colleges run by UK providers under the programme to 16 of the 37 already established to date, overall amounting to contracts worth over £1 billion to the UK economy.

What to Teach Overseas? Everything You Need to Know!
21st April 2014

When you mention the concept of teaching overseas most people assume the only option open to anyone is Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

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