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ISC Online offers unrivalled real time international schools market intelligence to support decision-making on go-to-market campaigns, international student recruitment, expansion plans and investments. It provides statistical information on school numbers, examinations, curricula, enrolment phases and school size by region, sub-region, country and city as well as a database of the world’s international schools including contact details of more than 30,000 school leaders.

ISC's Market Intelligence Reports are vital to organisations considering investing money, time or effort in the international schools market.

ISC’s Premier Service gives clients unrivalled access to premium schools in the world’s fastest growing regions.

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Egypt - Egypt aims to cap private school fees
14th September 2014

Egypt's education ministry has passed new regulations aiming to curb the continuing hike in private education tuition, allowing schools to take such a measure every five years.

Spain - Bilingual schools tackle Spain’s language shortfall
14th September 2014

"Hello everybody, how are you?" asks the teacher, and two dozen Spanish-accented voices reply in unison, in well-drilled English: I'm fine, thank you."
It's back-to-school this week for these Spanish nine-year-olds, which means means being plunged not only into a new class but into a whole new language.

UK - OECD report: are larger school class sizes a good thing?
14th September 2014

For many years, British governments of all stripes have boasted of efforts to cut class sizes. It could thus be seen as something of a surprise for a major study on international education to both note the UK's relatively high pupil-teacher ratio and to argue that it could be a ..

Hong Kong - Short-Term Declines In Sight For Nord Anglia Education
14th September 2014

The 180-day lockup period on Nord Anglia Education, Inc. (NYSE:NORD) that began with the firm's March 25 IPO will conclude on September 21, allowing the firm's major pre-IPO shareholders, along with its directors and executives, to begin selling their outstanding shares in the international operator of premium English-language K-12 schools......

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