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ISC Online offers unrivalled real time international schools market intelligence to support decision-making on go-to-market campaigns, international student recruitment, expansion plans and investments. It provides statistical information on school numbers, examinations, curricula, enrolment phases and school size by region, sub-region, country and city as well as a database of the world’s international schools including contact details of more than 30,000 school leaders.

ISC's Market Intelligence Reports are vital to organisations considering investing money, time or effort in the international schools market.

ISC’s Premier Service gives clients unrivalled access to premium schools in the world’s fastest growing regions.

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International School News
These are just some of the news stories listed and fully accessible this week on the ISC Online news service - one of the many features of ISC Online

Saudi Arabia - 30,000 expat children not able to enroll in schools
19th October 2014

JEDDAH - Thousands of expatriate children were not able to enroll in schools this year for numerous reasons, according to a member of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry's (JCCI) committee on private and international schools.

Luxembourg - Will Luxembourg receive another international school?
19th October 2014

Speculation that a new international school could be constructed in Luxembourg was fuelled at a public discussion on Thursday night.

Qatar - ACS Doha International School welcomes 55 new students and teachers for 2014/15 academic year
19th October 2014

ACS Doha International School are pleased to announce the successful opening of their new Grade 11 year group, comprising 55 students aged 16-17. ACS Doha have once again experienced high student enrollment for the 2014/2015 academic year and are well positioned to provide a comprehensive PK-12 educational offering by September ...

Germany - International school in Kaiserslautern could open by next fall
19th October 2014

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany - Plans to open a private international school in Kaiserslautern by next fall advanced a step further after a sufficient number of families, including some Americans, expressed interest in sending their children there, city official said Thursday.

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