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ISC data and intelligence is used by universities around the world to develop strategic international plans for student recruitment and teacher training

There are almost 5,000 K-12 English-medium international schools in the world with senior high and sixth form students aiming for undergraduate degrees in Western countries. There are also over 8,700 K-12 English-medium international schools employing more than 429,000 teachers who all require teaching qualifications and professional development.

“I’m finding ISC Online a useful tool and appreciate the value it brings, not just to my work in East Asia, but the wider mailing campaigns across the world have been successful, as have email invitations to events we’ve held in places such as UAE.”
Ben Charlton, International Development Officer, The University of Buckingham, UK

Successful strategic international planning requires data and market understanding

ISC data, trends and intelligence are ways for universities and colleges to accurately know and connect with the K-12 English-medium international schools market.

All that you need to establish long-lasting relationships with international schools

ISC services for Higher Education are used by many universities around the world including Trinity College Dublin, King’s College London, American University of Sharjah and University of North Carolina Greensboro to support international student engagement in summer programmes, international school enrolment for undergraduate courses, and international teacher training and up-skilling.

ISC Products and Services for Higher Education

ISC Online

ISC Online for Higher Education is an online platform for universities and colleges to access international school data and communicate directly with schools, senior leaders and their College Counsellors.

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Global Report

The Global Report is an annual overview of the entire international schools market, published in January each year.

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Market Intelligence Reports

Detailed reports for specific countries that ISC considers have the most potential for international school growth and new development, now and in the near future.

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Statistical Reports

Statistical Reports provide the international school data that you need, when you need it.

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News for the Higher Education Sector

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Why international students are flocking to private high schools in their home countries that offer learning in English and Western curriculum and qualifications

The image at the top of this page shows senior students at the International School of Zug and Luzern