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ISC Research provides services and data for international schools around the world

“I spend a significant part of my working life looking for reliable, objective data to help inform the decisions I make. There aren’t many organisations like ISC Research out there, that truly understand the world of international education.”
David Toze MBE, Superintendent of the International School Manila

“While retaining its spark of idealism, international education has evolved into a vibrant global industry that continues to expand exponentially. Anyone aspiring to build schools, build innovative products and build careers in this complex arena needs to understand its potential and its pitfalls. They need, above all to be well-informed. In short, they need access to the key data comprehensively compiled in The Global Report. Prepared by ISC in data management, with scrupulous attention to detail and accuracy, the Report is presented in an elegant format that makes for easy assimilation of critical information. Everything we need to know about ‘the global learning business’ in one, reliable, accessible source, compiled by the acknowledged world leaders in data provision.”
Kevin Bartlett, ex- Director, The International School of Brussels, Belgium

"Whenever we require Market Research and Intelligence, we turn to the ISC Country Reports always provide helpfully presented and precisely targeted data. They enable our planning committee to align strategies to information which is always current and accurate – and in such a fluctuating marketplace with opportunities and threats in balance, this is a great reassurance.The latest versions of the Country Reports are beautifully presented and bring together a full range of empirical information and graphical presentations which focus attention on key findings.”
Stephen Holroyd, Principal, Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok

“I am very happy with the ISC Report. It provides me with up to date information that I can rely on and covers the range of data relevant to my business. Well worth the investment!”
Peter Derby-Crook, Chief Executive Officer, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

“I am very impressed with the ISC Global Report. The executive summary followed by supporting facts, figures and forecasts is hugely valuable and has been very insightful – even for someone like me who knows the industry well. It’s a beneficial report for anyone wishing to have a clear and accurate understanding of the worldwide international schools market.”
Jeremy Lees, Founder & Chairman, International School of Samui, Thailand

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