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10 things you won't know about ISC Research data

ISC Research dedicates many hours and weeks ensuring our international school data is current and accurate for our customers. Between June 2019 and April 2020 our research and data teams achieved the following:

  1. Added over 305,910 data items
  2. Collected 17,904 pieces of data about curriculum, 81,094 pieces of data about school fees, and 37,495 pieces of data about staff
  3. Gathered 35,274 pieces of data about enrolment, and 9,360 pieces of demographic data about students
  4. Added 1,498 additional schools that are now considered to be fully-functioning international schools (this includes schools that have changed status to become international schools, and others that are now delivering a curriculum not national to their country and in the language of English, as well as brand new international schools)
  5. Added 233 more schools in development, that are yet to open
  6. Identified 317 future schools that are preparing to open
  7. Added 17,784 new contacts of key decision-makers in schools
  8. Spent 3,351 hours checking school data for accuracy
  9. Spent 27.6 weeks checking data on the international schools in the top 10 countries, including 6.3 weeks for those in the UAE, and 5.4 weeks for those in China
  10. Spent 32.7 weeks verifying new data about international schools that our researchers gathered from the schools


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