College Counsellors - have your say

The role of the international school college counsellor has never been so complex or multifaceted. Understanding this role, as well as the data behind the pathway from international school to university, is the focus of the latest research from ISC Research. It's the chance for college counsellors to have their say. 

Supporting international school students in their selection of degrees and university locations is becoming increasingly challenging for college counsellors.  

There’s now more choice - and more competition - than ever; a growing range of countries offering high quality tertiary education, a rising number of English-medium degree courses available worldwide, and record levels of student mobility for higher education.

College counsellors are having to work hard to keep up with these demands, as well as remain up-to-date on the wide breadth of country-based requirements and logistics for university access, not to mention managing the sometimes conflicting aspirations of students and parents. The role of the college counsellor has never been so multifaceted.

Understanding the complexity and challenges, as well as the data behind college counselling, is the focus of this year’s ISC Pathway to Higher Education research. It’s an opportunity for college counsellors to have a say in research that will be shared with both international school senior leaders and university international officers.

The short survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete (you can connect here) and all college counsellors participating will receive a report analysing the results (which will be anonymous and free of charge). The survey is open until 15th October so take part now! And do encourage your wider network of international school college counsellor peers to participate (one survey per school please).  Connect to the survey now