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During challenging times, international schools need to know their position in the market. By Will Bedford

The international schools market is competitive at the best of times. Right now, with huge impact from COVID-19, international schools are facing a challenging year – from a business perspective as well as academically.

Some international schools are already reporting a notable decline in enrolment. These schools tend to be in locations where international schools are heavily dependent on expatriate enrolment, where economies are dependent on tourism, where there was already an oversupply of school places before COVID-19, or where school fees are too high for local families.

Regardless of their success with distance learning through the pandemic – and some international schools were outstanding – all international school leaders, their business managers and their governing bodies will be facing a school year with significant management anxiety. 

Being accurately informed will help. It’s only natural to jump to conclusions about how other schools are faring, or to grab onto hearsay and react accordingly. Accurately knowing how a school stands in comparison to other international schools will help leaders and governing bodies make the right decisions for their school.  

ISC Research has tracked the international schools market for over 25 years, collecting data and intelligence that is trusted by schools, associations, commercial organisations and governments. 

For international schools facing market volatility or competition, ISC Research benchmarking can provide the essential, impartial data to ensure decisions are well informed rather than being based on guesswork or hearsay. It can help a school to know how it stands compared to other schools, and to identify a unique selling point or a niche opportunity within the current market.

Benchmarking data on 2020-2021 enrolment, capacity, fees and more will be available from ISC Research from 1st October and orders can be placed now. For more information, contact Will Bedford, Schools Manager will.bedford@iscresearch.com