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How edtech use in international schools has been impacted by COVID-19

Edtech was put to the test during campus closures as a result of COVID-19. International schools shared their feedback of the challenges and opportunities and as a result, their plans for future use of education technology, in a survey conducted by ISC Research in June.

The report summarising this research: The Impact of COVID-19 on Education Technology in International Schools is now available free for all thanks to the support of Faria Education Group.

The report shares international school responses to five key aspects of edtech use that impacted them during distance learning:

  • the use and effectiveness of learning platforms
  • the solutions that teachers found most valuable for guiding students with their learning
  • the role of parents and how schools engaged with them
  • assessment during distance learning
  • and future edtech plans in light of their recent experiences

The popularity and value of several learning platform brands are referenced in the report. Most international schools used a combination of platforms and traditional methods to ensure learning was accessible to every child. 51% of international schools in the survey said that posting learning instructions to some of their students was extremely valuable. 

The report details how international schools used a variety of routes for communicating with parents who were considered essential for supporting schools with distance learning. 

The Impact of COVID-19 on Education Technology in International Schools report is available free for all* from ISC Research by contacting enquiries@iscresearch.com

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