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How to identify the best opportunities for your business with international schools. By Diane Glass

The new ISC Research Global Opportunities Report has just been published. It has huge value for all organisations operating in this unique education market.

The worldwide international schools market is extremely diverse with many external factors impacting local markets. The ISC Global Opportunities Report provides essential market data, trends and intelligence on regions, and sub-regions, and focuses on 42 countries where international schools are most prevalent. 

Understanding emerging trends and market shifts means that you can be sure your products or your service meet the changing needs of international schools. This report will give you the information you need to guide your sales and marketing strategies. It will, for example, mean you can identify countries experiencing significant growth in demand for international schools where the curriculum or orientation are most aligned to your brand, where enrolment is growing fastest, or where tuition fee levels are changing. 

It provides the information you need in order to allocate sufficient staff presence, or schedule remote support, in key countries or sub-regions where and when it matters most. It provides details of the supporting organisations and bodies most popular within each country to help guide your crucial network affiliations. It also includes a global outlook which addresses the impact of COVID-19 on international schools.

Whether you are at the early stage of developing an international presence, or already well established within the international schools market, the ISC Research Global Opportunities Report gives you the essential understanding you need to know how and where this important education market is expanding and shifting. More information about the report is available here or get in touch with me for direct advice: diane.glass@iscresearch.com