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News from Europe

ISC’s Head of Research and Head of Europe Research, Susan Krumrei explains the current market situation in Europe:

Europe’s current geo-political environment, influenced primarily by Britain’s expected departure from the European Union as well as US politics, combined with increasing public school dissatisfaction in some of the European countries, along with a growing awareness by local parents of the benefits of an international education, is generating new demand on international schools throughout the region.

The economic boom in Germany’s Rhein-Main region has seen enrolment growth in the international schools there. In addition, the city of Frankfurt, with its favourable commercial property prices, sophisticated infrastructure, and well-educated workforce, is attracting much attention as a potential Brexit relocation site; one Frankfurt school started the 2018-2019 school year with a wait-list of 300. So too is Paris, which is now reaping the benefits of recent tax and labour law reforms, and increasingly positioning itself as a major global financial centre. Also attracting attention for possible Brexit relocation are the cities of Amsterdam and The Hague in The Netherlands. The international schools in these two cities are already close to capacity meaning that additional enrolment demands that could result from Brexit relocations will need to be met by new schools or campus expansions. To be sure of school provision, some companies have secured places by paying for full year enrolment from September 2018, even though students won’t start until January of 2019. However, for now it is a waiting game for most international school Heads in Europe as multinationals with a Europe base in the UK decide what to do, where to go and who to relocate. 

The market in Switzerland, where you can find some of the wealthiest and most prestigious international schools in the world and which has led the boarding sector for years, is worth watching over the next year or so as it shifts to respond to changing demographics and demand.   


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