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News from Southern Asia

Nalini Cook has travelled throughout Bangalore and Mumbai this academic year in addition to attending the TAISI conference where she had chance to meet with many more school leaders from India. She shares some of the latest news here:

There is an expanding educated middle-class in India, spurred by the growth of the Indian economy and a range of emerging industries, and with this, an increasing demand for quality international education.

Enrolments at most premium international schools in India are increasing and some international schools in Mumbai are expanding to meet this demand. Oberoi International School is one example. It opened a second campus in Mumbai this academic year with approximately 400 students and the school is filling up fast.

The two main challenges for India’s international schools market are the fact that the country can only sustain low tuition fees right now; a deterrent for some investors, plus the difficulty of attracting quality expatriate staff, especially in cities such as Delhi where pollution is a problem. If the market in India is to expand in line with the demand, these challenges will need to be addressed.

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