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Recruiting in an informed and competitive way

It’s a challenging recruitment year for international schools and many international school leaders are wishing for a crystal ball to guide their admissions and staffing decisions. Not quite the crystal ball, but crucial for identifying opportunities, informing staff requirements, and guiding competitive packages, is to benchmark your recruitment offering against other schools.

With the right data, benchmarking enables you to know: 

  • The average teacher salaries other schools are offering and the salary ranges of international schools in your country, helping you to pitch your salary offers competitively
  • The benefits packages of other international schools so that you can offer equivalent, or more attractive benefits
  • The teacher-to-student ratios and maximum class sizes of other international schools so that you can optimise your staff numbers and your recruitment messages
  • The nationality ratios of teaching staff in other international schools to help guide your staffing mix  

ISC Research is the market expert for data on the world’s international schools market; it’s been gathering school data and intelligence for 26 years and now has comprehensive international school data for the 2020-2021 academic year. This is available to you in datasets or, more conveniently, within an easy-to-read benchmarking report prepared to the needs of your school.  

A benchmarking report features data comparison tables that show where your school stands in contrast to your selected cohort of schools (see an example report here). You can choose the schools to benchmark against; they can be schools from your city, or from a wider region, or international schools from a variety of countries that you consider to be most competitive (such as those that offer boarding, or those that offer a particular curriculum).

ISC Research benchmarking solutions provide the rigorous and independent data that international school leaders need to guide decisions in an informed, competitive and cost-effective way. In addition to recruitment benchmarking, we can benchmark to inform your admissions planning, development planning or even future campus strategy. To find out more, get in touch and I’ll be happy to guide you through the best solutions for your needs: doris.suchet@iscresearch.com