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Students are determined to follow their higher education dreams

Although some students changed their university mobility plans because of pandemic and political challenges this year, most are determined to follow their dreams. That was one of the messages that came out of the recent webinar hosted by ISC Research and Unifrog about university pathway support for international school students.

Featuring four College Counsellors: Michael Francis, Logan Westmoreland, Carla Muñana and Erika Toren from international schools in Egypt, Italy, Spain and the UK, the webinar highlighted many points of interest for universities supporting international student recruitment and admissions including:

  • International school students are increasingly shifting all or some of their destination choices from the United States and UK to other countries that offer English speaking degrees such as The Netherlands and Europe. 
  • More universities are now active in their engagement with international schools and their college counsellors, in particular, universities from less traditional destination countries.
  • Some students who, this year remained in their home countries to study due to COVID-19, are now hoping to transfer to universities overseas for their next academic year.
  • International schools want virtual university events that involve a cluster of universities rather than events hosted by individual institutions. Suggestions included a subject-focused or country-focused fair that could be accessed by multiple international schools from a region or school group.
  • College counsellors value universities that take into account the idiosyncrasies of different curricula in their presentations to schools and students.
  • Many college counsellors do not want impersonal generic emails from universities. Instead, they want to develop good relationships with a university officer with who they can communicate quickly, effectively and in a supportive and personalised way. 

More practical advice and valuable feedback for universities is shared during the webinar. You can access the full recording here

During the presentation, we mentioned the new higher education special issue of International School Leader Magazine and the latest Unifrog research into the university choices of international students.

If you are a university international officer or college counsellor and would like details of future webinars or free pathway reports register your interest here. And international officers wishing to engage with international schools and college counsellors, contact me directly: diane.glass@iscresearch.com