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Support for International Schools out of COVID-19

International schools have faced more challenges than most other schools throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Unique teaching and learning issues have included supporting a high proportion of EAL students during distance learning and, for some schools, managing complex staffing needs because of expatriate teachers being out of country when border closures occurred. International schools are now facing concerns regarding new school year admissions, tuition fees, and staff recruitment, as well as campus reopening requirements, and redressing learning gaps.

Market intelligence and data to inform strategies to address some of these challenges are available in a new Positioning Service from ISC Research.

The service is designed to meet the immediate needs for accurate market understanding by schools to guide admissions, recruitment, or business planning decisions in the wake of COVID-19.

Data and intelligence are tailored to the school or school group so that you get exactly what you need. It can include pre and post COVID-19 benchmarking, regional education market intelligence, and international schools market data relevant to the location and school.

ISC Research has data on the entire international schools market of over 11,600 international schools. Over the past twelve months (since June 2019), our field and desk researchers have collected over 305,900 data items about the international schools market including 81,000 pieces of data on school fees, 37,400 on staff, and 17,900 on curriculum. This, and many more datasets are available to inform your school administration and strategy decisions. Explain your challenge and we can guide you to the intelligence or data available that can give you confidence in your strategic decisions right now.

For more information on the Positioning Service, and the data and intelligence that’s available to you from ISC Research, contact will.bedford@iscresearch.com