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Supporting student pathways from international schools to university

ISC’s Commercial Director, Diane Glass shares her perspectives from the point of view of university international officers as this school year progresses:

As the English-medium K-12 international school market expands, so the opportunities for international officers of reputable universities offering English-medium undergraduate degrees increase. The market has grown by 5.5% year on year since 2012 and income from tuition fees has increased over the same period by more than $38 billion – a staggering 778%.

There has never been so much international education choice for families in many cities of the world. 306 international schools are already established in Dubai, 169 in Shanghai, 160 in Abu Dhabi, and 142 in Beijing. Nevertheless, growth continues. 104 new international schools opened in August this year including 18 new international schools in China, 17 in the United Arab Emirates, 12 in Malaysia, and five in both Vietnam and Thailand, and the development of new international schools continues in a wide range of countries.

Many governments in developing countries now recognise international schools as a route to improving K-12 education provision within their countries quickly and effectively. Restrictions that have existed in some countries on the number of local children attending the international schools are increasingly being lifted with Malaysia, Thailand, China and now Vietnam (as you can read below) as notable cases.

The market has grown most significantly due to the demand from local families, who are selecting a private, English-medium international school for their child from the earliest age, in preference to their national school, as a more reliable preparation for university and career opportunities.

The international schools market is a highly targeted sector for university international officers to engage with because learning standards and final qualifications are generally higher than global averages.  In addition, most reputable international schools employ college counsellors to support students in their undergraduate choices and applications, providing a crucial, long-term partner for international officers.

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