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The questions international officers ask about international schools

University international officers recruiting international undergraduates are often confused about the opportunities for them at the English-medium international schools that are now popular all over the world.

A series of three short podcasts from ISC Research can be viewed in the below links, giving answers to many questions such as:

·         Why are international schools important to me and what makes international schools different?

·         What universities are the most popular undergraduate destinations for international school students?

·         How can I have meaningful international student engagement while travel restrictions remain in place?

There are now 7,460 English-medium international schools around the world that meet the learning needs of 16 to 18-year olds. Most of the students at these schools are preparing for undergraduate study overseas and are not being deterred by COVID-19. In research currently being conducted by ISC Research, international school college counsellors have reported that no final year students are making changes to their higher education destination plans as a result of the impact of the pandemic.

Despite travel restrictions, international officers can reach international school college counsellors remotely, directly and effectively with the ISC Research international schools database, ISC Online.

For advice on how best to work with international school college counsellors, and for details of ISC Online contact diane.glass@iscresearch.com