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University support for international students


International admissions experts share the actions they are taking.

Universities are adapting to support international student admissions in new ways as a result of COVID-19. University of Southampton and Syracuse University shared their approaches on a webinar for international school college counsellors recently. These include:

  • Increasing communication and maintaining close contact with students and college counsellors through various online routes
  • Raising awareness of contingency plans for the new academic year to support both physical and online attendance
  • Ensuring direct access for college counsellors, school leaders, students and parents 
  • Leveraging study abroad centres and seeking partnerships with overseas institutions to respond to the needs of international students unable to travel due to border restrictions or visa challenges as the new academic year begins in September and October
  • Preparing for robust online learning solutions 

One of the speakers, Jennifer Mathews, Director of International Admissions at Syracuse University in New York said:

“We worked very quickly to move a very robust spring visitation schedule online. Over the last six weeks we’ve offered a number of online sessions for both admitted and prospective students and families. The upside is it’s given us an opportunity to get more creative with how we differentiate ourselves. In addition to our traditional information sessions, we’ve been offering Q&A with panels of current students both domestic and international, engaging our alumni network in completely new ways, having a number of sessions for our student support offices such as international services office, we’ve really increased information on our counsellor webpage eg created a virtual visit request form to schedule university representative virtual visits, and to request topical workshops for their rising seniors. Using tools like the ISC international schools database really make it easier to connect directly with the counsellor population and to send this kind of information out to that network and to school heads around the world. Many of the counsellors I’ve spoken to want universities to collaborate together to do joint sessions. It’s really important to listen to that as students will have limited time.”


You can listen to the entire 50-minute webinar here.