Why data matters for school development

Data and intelligence can help you to strategically plan many aspects of your school business development. What do you need to know and why? Here are 10 scenarios when knowing the right data counts.


1.       Knowing current enrolment, capacity utilisation and waiting lists of other schools in your city/ region can inform your present-day market status and help you to plan your future admissions strategy.

2.       Knowing data on the facilities and offerings of other schools in your city will help you to position your school marketing messages to emphasize your unique provision.

3.       Knowing fee data and other cost requirements of the schools you compete with will help you to set your fees to your maximum benefit.

4.       Knowing the sales and marketing techniques that other schools are using to reach those same audiences you are targeting, will assist your marketing and admissions strategies.

5.       Knowing the qualification and higher education destination data of the graduating students from other schools you benchmark against will help you assess your teaching provision and careers guidance support, and inform your marketing messages too. 

6.       Knowing the salary and benefit data of comparative schools globally - those that will be attracting the same calibre of teachers as you - will help you to set your salaries and benefits to compete for the best staff you’re able to get. 

7.       Knowing the demand and supply of specific international education provisions, such as curriculum, qualifications, subject specialties, or EAL support, in your area will allow you to know of gaps in the market that you might be able to respond to.

8.       Knowing government policy that is influencing and likely to influence market demand will inform your strategic planning.

9.       Knowing projected data on future schools entering your market will help you keep your development planning aligned and your board well informed.

10.   Knowing the socio-economic data of your host country will prepare you for future population changes and help you plan your school developments in readiness for predicted demand.

If you’re not sure of the data you need for your school business strategy, ISC Research can guide you. Brendan Law, Headmaster at Cranleigh in Abu Dhabi offers some good advice about this – and provides a nice endorsement for ISC Research too: “It’s important for you to be clear in your own mind what you need the information for. Be very clear on what you are looking for, what the purposes behind it are, and then ISC will help you fine-tune the framework. ISC is really helpful at that.”

For more advice about data that matters contact richard.gaskell@iscresearch.com