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ISC Research data and intelligence is used by education suppliers across the world to enable them to maximise sales into this most lucrative sector of the international education market.

Your route to market requires data, intelligence, contacts and an understanding of international school operations

ISC data, trends, intelligence and contact details of decision-makers at international schools help education suppliers to identify specific business opportunities within the market, connect with target schools and target decision-makers at these schools, and successfully maximise sales opportunities at international schools.

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ISC Research News - December 2020
ISC Research News - December 2020

New Shifts in the World's International Schools Market

There are notable shifts in the international schools market as new trends are emerging, according to the latest research by ISC Research. Read the full update here

New Inclusion Report - August 2020
New Inclusion Report - August 2020

Are international schools becoming more inclusive?

ISC Research has published its latest report on inclusion in international schools. The report was produced in collaboration with Next Frontier Inclusion. Read the full story here