ISC data and intelligence is used by investors and developers considering international education opportunities

An increasing number of families around the world want their children to receive quality, English-medium education, following a curriculum and gaining qualifications that provide a reliable pathway to Western university and career opportunities. That is why the K-12 English-medium international schools market is expanding at such pace.

Accurate and current data, statistics and intelligence about this expanding market are essential for investors considering this sector. Informed connections to school brands that are ready and right for investor partnership are vital for investment success.

ISC Research is your trusted research partner for international school investment and development

ISC Research data, trends and intelligence help investors and developers to know how, why and where the international school market is evolving, and the opportunities and the challenges within the market today.

All the market data, intelligence and research expertise you need to plan and prepare for international school investment

ISC Research is the market expert to support education investors with future school due diligence, development planning, and brand partner selection.

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Global Insights - April 2020
Global Insights - April 2020

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International School Leader Magazine - April 2020
International School Leader Magazine - April 2020

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International Teacher Magazine - February 2020
International Teacher Magazine - February 2020


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