International school investment 

High quality, English-speaking, international education is in demand in many non-English-speaking countries of the world. As economies develop, more local families choose to pay for private education that will prepare their child for global higher education and careers. 

International school investment offers:

  • Long-term and consistent revenue potential
  • Educational progress for young people 
  • Prosperity potential for a country, led by well-educated, internationally-minded individuals 
  • A stable and viable investment option 



As an international education investor, you face several challenges during your search for a school partner. 

The ISC Research Investor Partnership service supports you through every step of your new school partnership selection process:

  • Pre-assess potential schools to help identify best qualified independent brands
  • Provide you with the expertise, data and intelligence
  • Requirements to present your investment offering
  • Plan, manage and accompany you on a programme of school visits

Increased wealth is making international school education affordable to more people. Continued development in cities around the world means that international schools are accessible to more people. 

By 2029, we estimate that over 10 million children around the world will be learning in English-medium or bilingual international schools. 


20 years of market growth


2000:        2,584

 2020:        11,451

CAGR:      ↑ 7.7%  

    2000:        969,000

 2020:        5.82m

CAGR:      ↑ 9.4%  

2000:        $4.9bn

  2020:        $54.8bn

CAGR:      ↑ 12.8%  

ISC Research has established relationships with a strong cohort of reputable independent school brands from the United Kingdom and United States, as well as Canada and Australia.

All independent schools that ISC Research works with are strong brands for many reasons:

  • High positions in school league tables
  • Excellent academic results
  • Heritage and reputation
  • Brand characteristics that will appeal to an international market


Your trusted research partner

for international education investment  

ISC Research is the only organisation in the world to collect and produce the market data essential to open an international school.

Our research includes:

  • Historic market trends
  • Current market data (up to and including the present school year)
  • Future market projections
  • Market intelligence gathered by field researchers based in key regions of the world
  • Potential partner intelligence - reputable independent school brands seeking investment for a school campus overseas

ISC Research has specialised in the world's international schools market for over 25 years.

We supply the data, experience and expertise to inform you where to open an international school, and how to open an international school or establish an international school franchise.  



Your adviser



Freddie Cloke, School Development Manager

I work closely with investors and schools, helping them to identify commercial opportunities within the international K-12 market. I am based in Shanghai, China and spend my time liaising with schools and investors globally and advising them on the international schools' market and associated opportunities for development.

Email:      |      Tel: +44 (0)1865 419 200      |      Connect on LinkedIn


"The selection process to find a suitable partner is very important and requires significant time and due diligence. We have been working closely with ISC Research to support us in this process".

 Karl Gross

Director of Overseas Schools 

Kings College School

ISC Research guided King's College School in its new school development strategy and introduced the investor partner for its new school in Bangkok. 

"The research and intelligence from ISC Research very useful because it's comprehensive. When I required more analysis, ISC Research has been very quick to deliver".

Helen Kavanagh

Chief Executive Officer

Wellington College China Group

ISC Research has supported Wellington College with its international school development research since 2011.

"ISC Research are experienced in their market. They have an in-depth understanding and information required for international school improvement and development". 

Ben Panpanich

Business Development and Strategic Planning

XET Limited, Bangkok

ISC Research introduced XET as a potential investor to King's College School Wimbledon to enable the new school development in Bangkok.