Data and Intelligence

ISC data and intelligence is gathered continuously from multiple sources

Most of the ISC data and intelligence is collected annually from our primary source; directly from senior leaders at the international schools, by our field-based research consultants supported by our desk researchers. We also use trusted local sources, market experts and government bodies to acquire reliable market intelligence.

The raw data and intelligence is then analysed to produce the most reputable, current and comprehensive research for the sector. Because we have been collecting this data for over 20 years, ISC is also able to produce valuable market trends and forecasts.

“ISC Research is a gigantic and solid source of information with excellent statistics, clear presentations and visuals, a very knowledgeable team and super customer service.”
Beatrice Caston, Advancement and External Relations Director, International School of Düsseldorf, Germany

What data does ISC collect?

School Description

Including school location, ownership and a variety of other characteristics.

Student Information

Including age range, enrolment, capacity, student nationality, boarding if available.


Including day fees, boarding fees, and supplementary fees such as capital levies and application fees.

School Contacts

Names and contact details of the current Head, PA to Head, Business Manager, Heads of Departments, Admissions, College Counsellor and more.

Staff Information

Including staff salaries and benefits, and staff nationalities.


Details of all school facilities (such as arts provision, sports provision, etc.) and expansion details.

Quality Assurances

Including school inspectorates, accreditation, and membership of reputable global or regional school associations.

Examinations and Curriculum

Including all curriculum delivered and examinations offered.

School Supply

Data on suppliers, use of resources, budget priority and more.

What market intelligence does ISC collect?

Public Schooling

Market intelligence on the national education system, where relevant, can enable us to assess the possible demand for international school places by expatriates and by local families.

Growth Areas

We work closely with developers, investors, asset consultants and government education departments to be reliably informed of new growth opportunities in countries and cities.

Demographic and Socio-Economic Data

We gather demographic and socio-economic statistics and intelligence for key regions, countries and some cities including population and growth rate which impact the demand and prospective demand for school places.

New Developments

Our research with schools and other education bodies means we can get to hear about new school developments at the earliest stage, before they are widely known. We have such a good relationship with some schools that we are often informed of developments that are strictly confidential; that we cannot reveal in our reports.

From Raw Data and Intelligence to ISC Services

All the raw data and market intelligence we collect is analysed and disseminated into three distinct ISC services:

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