ISC Online Client Services

Supporting you with your use of ISC Online is the ISC Research Client Services Team


What to expect from ISC Online Client Services

The Client Services team are in touch with our clients regularly throughout the year. We share updates and advice to guide your use of the ISC Online data platform, news about the international schools market, and additional opportunities available to you for engaging with international schools.

As part of the ISC Online licence we provide full training on the portal, with ongoing support throughout the duration of your license. Customers are taken through an in-depth overview of the functionality, how the filtering on the data works, how to download and save lists, and what supporting pages are available.  



Our service standards

ISC Research uses NPS (Net Promoter Score) to evaluate our level of product value and our client service support. 

  • 0-50% is considered Good NPS
  • 50-70% is considered Excellent NPS
  • 70% + is considered World Class NPS


Our NPS rating for client service is currently 'World Class' at 81%

Our NPS rating for ISC Online is currently 'Excellent' at 57%


We support you in a range of ways

  • Supporting you during the introduction and ongoing implementation of ISC Online
  • Helping you to understand how ISC Online can support your international needs
  • Training your entire sales and marketing teams to know how to use ISC Online to be well informed on the international schools market
  • Training on how to use the data on ISC Online to engage directly and indirectly with international schools
  • Providing refresher training any time you, or individuals in your team, need
  • Supporting your functionality of ISC Online and any technical issues you may have
  • Keeping you informed through our regular newsletter which provides information on new features to the portal, advice about the market, and tips on best practice



What clients are saying about us


"ISC Research provides excellent data and a brilliant support package. There's nothing else like it"

James Bywood, Marketing Manager at Penstripe

"It [ISC Online] is a highly useful database on information difficult to find from other sources"

Jennifer Matthews, Director of International Admissions at Syracuse University

"Always a great, responsive and friendly service"

Greg Martin, Director at Discovery Education