Announcing ISC Online For Schools

Your dashboard to your market

Get ready for launch: Friday 18th September 2020

ISC Online for Schools is a simple-to-use dashboard that will give international school leaders immediate access to international schools data, news and free reports, plus connections to other international school leaders in and around your city.

ISC Online for Schools is free from ISC Research for all international school leaders to keep you informed on the international schools market.


“One single site with all the information accessible about the market is very useful, particularly being able to find comparisons of schools in the area and regions, and access to news about the international schools market in one place.”

Anonymous feedback from international school leader during test pilot.


Why use ISC Online for Schools?

  • ISC Online for Schools keeps you well informed. It is the reliable place to quickly and freely access all the general information you need to know about the international schools market, including details of all other international schools in your city and country
  • ISC Online for Schools keeps you connected. It is the one place to find details of all international school Headteachers and Principals in your city and country, and all events to engage with other school leaders and supporting organisations
  • ISC Online for Schools supports your business planning. It suppliers you with the intelligence, data and solutions to lead an international school effectively
  • ISC Online is free, current and reliable. It is brought to you by ISC Research, the leading supplier of international schools market data and intelligence for over 25 years

What is available for free on ISC Online for Schools?

  • Information on all international schools in your city and country including ability to view schools by curriculum
  • Contact details of the Headteachers or Principals of international schools in your city and country
  • Details and access to all accreditation bodies for international schools
  • Details and access to all international school associations
  • A library of free international school market reports and publications from ISC Research
  • Global media news source about the international schools market that can be filtered by country 
  • Calendar of international school conference, seminars and events (live and virtual) that can be filtered by country
  • At-a-glance market analysis of the global international schools market
  • All information is constantly updated to give you the most current market data

Note: Limitations to 500 mile radius for international schools in UAE and China

How can I access ISC Online for Schools?

As an international school leader, you will be able to access ISC Online for Schools here from Friday 18th September 2020. 

You will have free access to ISC Online for Schools for your entire school year. School leaders can nominate nine additional people from your school to also have free logins to ISC Online for Schools for the entire school year

"Registration was easy and the instructions were clear."

"It is very useful, particularly the comparisons of schools in Bangkok"  |  "It is graphically accessible and getting to the heart of the issues"

"The news feature is really good"  |  "Extremely valuable. Love your free reports of typical practice"