Webinar: What do universities want from college counsellors

The latest feedback from international officers on their preferred ways to work with international school college counsellors

Date: 10th October 2018

Time: 3pm UK time (a recording of the webinar will be be available for those in inaccessible time zones. Please register to receive this.)

Duration: 45 mins


Students from English-medium international schools are increasingly recognised by universities and colleges around the world as some of the very best international undergraduate recruits. On average 80% of children now attending international schools are from local families, and for these, having their child gain a place at a respected overseas university is not simply a dream; it’s an expectation.

So, what does this mean for college counsellors? What are the barriers to entry for international school students? And what can international school college counsellors do to help them?

This webinar, designed especially for college counsellors at international schools, will provide practical suggestions from a range of universities, and share some of the latest data and trends from ISC Research about the pathway from international school to higher education.

What will be covered during the webinar?

  • The international schools market as it currently stands – what is driving the growth and where in the world the growth is happening
  • The common factors influencing the pathway from international school to higher education
  • The new challenges facing international school college counsellors
  • How to have your say on what you want and need from the world’s universities and their international officers

Why attend

This webinar will provide you with insightful analysis and practical solutions to help you in your role as an international school college counsellor.

Who should attend?

This webinar is designed especially for college counsellors at international schools.


Diane Glass,
Commercial Director at ISC Research

Aaron Anderson, President of International ACAC
Robert Carthy, Director of International Development at Northumbria University, UK