Webinar: The international schools market for education suppliers

Key locations of growth, market changes and the reasons impacting these changes

Date: 18th October 2018

Time: 3pm UK time (a recording of the webinar will be be available for those in inaccessible time zones. Please register to receive this.

Duration: 45 mins


The English-medium international schools market is the most dynamic education sector in the world and there are 239 countries or territories in the world with international schools. How complete is your understanding of this fast moving market? Do you have accurate, independent business intelligence and data on which to base your international marketing and sales strategy?

This webinar will provide you with some of the most crucial tends and data, up to and including data from this September, to ensure your understanding and knowledge is fully accurate. It will provide you with some of the finding from the 2018 Global report on the international schools market for education suppliers including key locations of growth, significant market changes, and the reasons impacting these changes.

If you are an education supplier that is looking to expand your business in this lucrative market, then don’t miss this valuable webinar.

What will be covered during the webinar?

The latest data and analysis on the international schools market only available from ISC Research including:

  • Data for key countries
  • Market influences that are impacting supply and demand
  • Intelligence on future school developments

How data and intelligence can help maximise your sales

Why attend

The international schools market is a healthy, dynamic and expanding one; an important sector for any established education supplier to take seriously.

This webinar will inform your marketing and sales strategy for this academic year, including helping you to build a robust plan on how and where to market to international schools.

Who should attend?

This webinar is aimed at education suppliers who are looking to maximise their business with international schools.


Diane Glass
Commercial Director