Working with international schools: using market data and intelligence to maximise your sales

Date: 23rd May

Time: 2pm GMT

Length: 30 minutes

Cost: Free

Presenters: Diane Glass, Commercial Director and Emma Bell, Head of Client Services


Did you know the international schools market is expanding rapidly and is currently generating a total fee income of $48.3 billion? It's a healthy market with a big demand for quality education supplies and services, and plenty of opportunity for you to take a slice of this pie. This webinar will provide an introduction to the international schools market, identify where most opportunities and developments exist, and show you how to use market data to target opportunities and maximise your sales.

What will be covered?

This webinar will include:

  • An introduction to the international schools market including key locations, growth areas and market trends
  • How to use data to identify the market sectors that are right for your business
  • Key features of ISC Online; a real-time data portal of the entire international schools market to provide you with current, detailed data and intelligence to inform your strategy, support your marketing, and connect directly with the right people in the right schools
  • Practical examples of how education suppliers and higher education institions have used ISC Online to maximise their business with intrenational schools
  • Q & A session

Who will benefit from attending the webinar?

This webinar is ideal for:

  • Education suppliers or higher education insutitions who are new to the international schools market
  • Education suppliers or higher education institutions who are looking at ways to expand their business interntionally

Why attend?

This webinar will help you to understand the international schools market, and the importance this market has to a successful international growth strategy.

It will provide practical examples of how other companies have excelled in this market, so you can start to plan your own strategy. It will also provide you with an opportunity to ask questions directly to experts in the market.

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Diane Glass
Commercial Director