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Wellbeing in international schools: Research investigates perceptions of teaching staff
Wellbeing in international schools: Research investigates perceptions of teaching staff

February 2018 - In order to provide the best learning and teaching environment for students and staff, Senior Leadership Teams need to understand more about where their sense of wellbeing comes from; what is it that promotes wellbeing and what are the barriers to wellbeing?

Research is currently being conducted by Cardiff University School of Psychology and International Education Psychology Services (IEPS) to investigate the perceptions of international school teaching staff (both teachers and teaching assistants) on their own wellbeing and that of their students. Initial research will provide baseline data which will be explored in more detail through qualitative interviews.

The study is being supported by ISC Research to ensure all 9,000 English-medium international schools around the world have the opportunity to participate. It is the only wellbeing research specifically accessible to the entire English-medium international schools market.

All of the data will be anonymised in order to gain an accurate and detailed understanding of the strengths and challenges experienced by staff and students in the international schools community. The findings could inform improvements in the learning and teaching experiences of all those who work in the international school sector.

This research project is being conducted by Angie Wigford (International Educational Psychology Services Limited) and Andrea Higgins (Cardiff University, School of Psychology) and has been passed by the Cardiff University Ethics Committee. ISC Research is supporting the project by distributing the questionnaire to all international schools (currently 9,318 schools). The questionnaire is also available here.

The initial outcome will be available in June 2018. A free copy of the analysis of this research will be shared with all schools that participate.

For more information about this research project contact Angie Wigford at or through the IEPS website

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