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China Report for Education Suppliers published by ISC Research
China Report for Education Suppliers published by ISC Research

Published: 21st December 2017 - A new market report on China especially for education suppliers is available now. The report features:

  • International school sectors within the market and government legislation impacting each sector (including 2017 legislation opening up new opportunities for international school development)
  • Data analysis, trends and intelligence on the leading cities for international schools in China today including detailed analysis of all international school sectors and their potential for market growth
  • Future hotspots for international education throughout China including data analysis on two new regions and six new focus zones including Guangxi Province and Fujian Province
  • Trends, data analysis, demand, and future developments already planned for international schools accessible to Chinese children and the traditional international schools for expats
  • The report will be highly current, with data and intelligence including the 2017-2018 academic year

Potential for suppliers in China

Demand for English-medium international education by Chinese families in China is extensive and the international schools market accessible for Chinese nationals is expanding at a significant rate.

International schools in China now outnumber any other country in the world. Significant school development in the country is expected for the foreseeable future as education opportunities for local Chinese families as well as school investors open up.

Private education is increasingly being allowed and encouraged by the Chinese Government for its people. So much so, that the market has grown notably in recent years. According to the China International Schools Country Report for Education Suppliers which will be published by ISC Research in January 2018, there are 807 English-medium international schools in China open to children aged between 3 and 18 this academic year.

Total enrolment at these schools now stands at 312,000; a compound annual growth rate of 12.7% since 2012 which, the report states, is due to the massive rise in demand for international Chinese-owned private schools. This increased demand is coming entirely from local Chinese nationals seeking a more Western style of learning to prepare them well for universities in the United States and Britain. Their families are prepared to spend extensively for this opportunity. The report indicates that the average annual tuition fees at international schools in China range between USD $14,751 and $19,949.

Challenge for education suppliers

For suppliers wishing to break into the China market, or to strategically develop their business within it, understanding the opportunities is no simple task. Every country has different potential and challenges, and China is the most unique for market segmentation, legal requirements and supply opportunities. The report is an essential resource for understanding this significant route to market.

For more information and to order the new report, contact Diane Glass or Katie Hebbes

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