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International School Awards 2021
International School Awards 2021

Nominate your school for an International School Award

It's been a year like no other for most schools around the world. Nevertheless, many international schools have displayed exceptional innovation and resilience. Now is your chance to recognise the work and the spirit of your school.

Nominate your school for an International School Award 2021. The awards, which are hosted by ISC Research with the support of International School Leader Magazine, provide the opportunity for international schools to share good practice, creative endeavours, community participation, and innovation. This year, due to the impact of COVID-19, many initiatives will have been developed to respond to the crisis. As a result, this year's awards will celebrate the potential for change through adversity.

Up to three applications in total can be submitted and nominations are now open until Wednesday 30th September 2020.

Take a look at this year's categories. If you recognise your school within any of these award categories, now is the time to submit your application:

Community initiative Has your school introduced a student-led initiative that is having an impact on your wider community?

Wellbeing initiative Is your school addressing the unique needs of your students in a way that is having a positive impact on student wellbeing?

Initiative to support safeguarding Does your school have a school safeguarding initiative that is having a positive impact on the entire school community?

Environmental initiative Is your school raising awareness and promoting change to support the environment in a way that is developing student attitudes?

Initiative to support students as future-thinking innovators Is your school encouraging students in lateral thinking for a specific purpose; preparing them well as future thinkers and creative innovators?

Teaching and learning initiative Is your school supporting teaching and learning in original and creative ways?

Digital technology in learning initiative Is your school using digital technology to transform student learning and help develop digital responsibility?

International impact Is your school making a positive impact within your locality, or further afield through an internationally-oriented initiative?

Initiative to support inclusion Is your school integrating children with special learning needs as an equal part of the entire school community?

Initiative to support ethical values education Is your school supporting students in their development of ethical values that will encourage them to think and act as global citizens or critical thinkers?

Initiative to support students' pathways to continued or university education Is your school supporting students in their pursuit of continued or university education in a way that is having a positive impact on their aspirations and choices?

Strategic leadership initiative Is your senior leadership team transforming teaching and learning in a way that's distinguishing your school from others?

More information about the International School Awards, and access to the application forms are available here:

This year's winners will be announced and recognised in a virtual ceremony on Monday 18th January 2021.

Shortlisted schools will receive a certificate, and recognition logo to feature on their website. All category winners will receive a trophy, winner logo, and they will also be considered for the overall International School of the Year Award. The winning school will receive a trophy, recognition logo and extensive publicity.

For all details about the International School Awards visit

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