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New reports on school governance and leadership diversity from ISC Research
New reports on school governance and leadership diversity from ISC Research

ISC Research has released two new specialist reports that are free of charge to schools and organisations supporting international schools.

The Governance in International Schools Report shares research conducted with over 400 international schools about typical governance practice, procedures and responsibilities. It was produced in collaboration with the Principals Training Center and its Director, Bambi Betts.

The research explored typical approaches to the legal status, composition and decision-making of international school governing bodies. The report offers insight into just how diverse international school governance has become and suggests some notable correlations.

The Cultivating Diverse Leaders in International Schools Report focuses on research into international school leadership diversity. This research report was produced by the Diversity Collaborative in association with George Mason University. ISC Research supported the survey to ensure as many schools as possible could participate.

This research is one of the first baselines on leadership diversity within the international school sector. The research report highlights eight key findings and provides an integrated organisational framework to help international schools to become more intercultural. The report also provides school-level and wider-level recommendations to increase diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in international school leadership.

Both reports are new areas of focus for ISC Research. These and other specialist reports available from ISC Research provide better understanding of specific aspects of the maturing international schools market and the needs, opportunities and challenges that schools face today.

Details of both reports and how to access free copies are available on the Specialist Reports page of the ISC Research website.

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