There are many areas of school life that impact most international schools around the world. These range from specialist provision, to procurement, to departmental practice, and more. Better understanding these specific aspects of school life from the context of many international schools informs school leaders and educators, suppliers, new school investors and developers, and organisations supporting the sector and the wider education market.

ISC Research believes a deeper understanding of the international schools market benefits all within it. So we conduct a range of targetted research each year to analyse certain aspects of school life. These specialist reports are often conducted in partnership with experts from the field in order to gather data and intelligence of most value. We make these specialist reports and resources accessible to everyone, free of charge.

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Research Reports

Our specialist reports explore a variety of international school practices such as use of education technology, student and teacher wellbeing, requirements for printed resources, pathways to higher education, admissions, governance and more.

These reports provide an insight into current practices. They help schools, suppliers, providers and support bodies understand sector-specific needs, challenges and opportunities to inform strategic planning.

Anyone interested in the specialist practices of international schools are welcome to access these free resources.

This report: Pathways from English-medium International Schools to University analyses the higher education choices that are being made by secondary students at international schools, and explores the professional relationships in schools and at universities that help facilitate successful pathway selection.

ISC Research collaborated with Cardiff University School of Psychology and International Educational Psychology Services to produce this first ever research into wellbeing at international schools. This report was published in October 2018.

ISC Research interviewed its International Education Research Panel of over 800 international school teachers and leaders for this study into the use of printed resources at international schools. This report was published in 2018 and the findings make interesting reading.

ISC Research studied the procurement practices of 430 international schools from all key regions of the world in this survey. The report was published in September 2017.

This 90-page report shares data that ISC Research collected from 836 international schools about the use of digital resources to support student learning. It includes analysis by region and by age range. The report was published in 2017.

ISC Research partnered with Next Fronter Inclusion to produce this study of inclusion practices in international schools. This report, the second of its kind, shows trends now occuring within the sector. The latest report on inclusion in international schools was published in November 2017.