ISC data and intelligence is used by international schools, school groups and independent schools to help prepare for strategic planning, expansion and new school development.

We have a dedicated team of field-based researchers and consultants who, every year, each visit over 100 leading international schools to gather key data and intelligence on the international school sector. Schools that share their data with ISC Research receive a range of free resources and reports which help them to understand how the international schools market is evolving, and the opportunities and challenges within the market today.

How we can support your school

We are a trusted research provider to over 1,000 international schools, independent schools, and school groups all over the world.

We support schools on their international journey; from the earliest stage of planning a new school, including identifying prime locations, to introducing the right investment and development partners, supplying the due diligence for school investment, and benchmarking the future school.

Once open, we also support many international schools with benchmarking, marketing strategy evaluation, and research for expansion planning and new development.

No matter what stage of the international school journey you are at, we can help - every step of the way.

Free resources and intelligence for collaborating schools

ISC data, trends and intelligence help schools and school groups to know how, why and where the international school market is evolving, and the opportunities and the challenges within the market today. The following reports and resources are available to all schools that share their data with ISC:

  • An annual report of your city, country and sub-region highlighting school, enrolment and curriculum growth trends over the last five years.
  • ISC Research conference presentation slides sharing international school market data and trends.
  • ISC Survey Report: Inclusion in International Schools, conducted by Next Frontier Inclusion (NFI) and ISC Research.
  • ISC Survey Report: Pathway from International Schools to Higher Education, conducted by ISC Research.
  • The Wellbeing in International Schools Report is now available. This research was conducted by a partnership between International Education Psychology Services (IEPS) and Cardiff University School of Psychology, supported by ISC Research. The full report is available free from

Free for collaborating schools:

  • ISC Online for Schools, an international schools online platform enabling international schools to access real-time stats, data and information on the entire world’s international schools market.
  • The 2018 State of the International Schools Admissions Industry Report, conducted by the Enrollment Management Association (EMA) and ISC Research.

Who we work with

ISC Research is a trusted research provider for over 1,000 international schools, independent schools and school groups, and all the leading international school associations.

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