Find out where your school stands in relation to other schools

Our bespoke benchmarking reports are produced to order, using the very latest data collected directly from international schools. Each report contains data analysis for a clear understanding of where your school stands (or future school could stand) in relation to other international schools.

Benchmarking reports help you to know how you are positioned within the group of schools that you compete with. This benchmarking group is defined by your selection; it could be international schools within a 30 km distance of your school, schools offering a British curriculum within a specific vicinity, or the leading schools within key cities of the world.

Benchmarking reports can compare your school against others for such aspects of school life as enrolment capacity, fee ranges, teacher salaries and benefits, staff demographics, and much more.

"ISC has the most comprehensive and up-to-date data on international schools, facilities, students and teachers for education groups. Benchmarking our market share, enrolments, fees and costs is made easy, while ISC’s team provides us with invaluable insights into new markets and new growth opportunities.”
Edward Slade, President, Asia-Pacific, China Maple Leaf Education

“The benchmarking reports from ISC Research are very, very clear, succinct, and the information is exactly what you want. Be very clear on what you are looking for, what the purposes are behind it are, and then ISC will help you fine-tune the framework; they're really helpful at that."

Brendan Law, former Headmaster, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi and now Senior Vice President - Education (British Cluster Lead) GEMS Education

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