ISC Research has been collecting data on the world's international schools market since 1994 and tracking detailed trends on many apsects of international schools for over 10 years. This means we have an extensive breadth of reliable data and trends to support your specific needs.

Any data that ISC Research collects on the international schools market can be supplied to you in the form of a highly tailored statistical report.

These bespoke datasets are produced to order with the analysis that you require.

Why choose a bespoke dataset?

ISC's statistical reports give you:

  • A cost-effective way of accessing the international school data that you need
  • Current market data quickly and efficiently
  • Market trends that can be trusted
  • Just the data required, nothing more

What's included in a bespoke dataset?

These reports are highly tailored to your requirements but can include:

  • International school market trends, analysis or current data as required.
  • Statistics for a variety of criteria on the market including capacity and waiting lists, curricula combinations and examinations, student/teacher ratios, staff salaries and benefits, staff or student demographics, upper and lower school fees, and much more.
  • Scope of a report can range from city, country, sub-region, region or school type.



Bespoke datasets, which can include CAGRs for various aspects of the market, are ideal for any specific analysis that you require.

International Schools

Hand pick the data that you want. These are great if you require particular analysis of the market.

Independent Schools

Bespoke datasets are ideal if you have a particular data requirement. Highly tailored and produced to order, these provide you with the data to support very specific development decisions.

Educational Suppliers

Complement your strategic planning process with our bespoke datasets. These can focus your market research needs where they matter most.

Higher Education

Bespoke datasets are a cost effective way of gathering data and trends on subject areas or market stats that matter to you. They are produced to order to provide you with the analysis that you require.

"I found using ISC data very helpful and useful in carrying out important market research for our business. I would recommend using the service."
Matt Harvey, Marketing Director International Education, Cambridge University Press