Country Report for Education Suppliers

Country Reports are written specifically for companies and organisations wishing to work with international schools, such as education suppliers and universities.

They are produced for countries where the international schools market is most extensive or is significantly expanding.

Country Reports include data, trends and intelligence that is relevant for suppliers and providers wishing to strategically develop their business with international schools.

The countries where Education Suppliers Reports can be produced for: China, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Why choose a Country Report?

Country Reports are designed for education suppliers, expert providers and higher education institutions wishing to focus their strategic development on a particular country.

They can help you to:

  • Analysis data on curriculum, qualifications, facilitates, staffing, student and staff demographics
  • Understand the socio -economic factors influences demand of international schools
  • Make informed decisions for business development and planning

What's included in a Country Report

Each Country Report includes data and intelligence on:

  • Number of schools, students and teaching staff
  • Growth trends and forecasts for schools, students. teaching staff & tuition fees
  • Student and staff demographics
  • Market value trends
  • Popularity and growth of curricula and examinations
  • School facilities
  • Influences affecting international school demand and supply in the country
  • Opinions on the market taken directly from recent ISC Research interviews with school leaders

How is a Country Report produced?

ISC's field-based researchers gather data and intelligence directly from schools, governments and reputable associations. These researchers visit over 100 premium international schools in their region each year to collect the data that matters to inform school development, strategic planning and market understanding.

ISC's desk-based researchers gather supporting information

ISC's data analysis team scrutinizes all the data for stats and trends

ISC's reports team prepares reputable, current and comprehensive reports relevant for the target audience


Education Suppliers

If you've identified a country that is of importance to your business development strategy, this report will help you achieve your business development goals. The depth analysis will help inform yoru marketing strategy.

Higher Education

This report can help you understand the market you are planning to target by providing admission, school, staff and student data and trends, analysis of curricula and qualifications, and intelligence on staff recruitment.

We're here to help

"International schools have great budget autonomy and decision freedom, they are actively interested in quality education suppliers, it's a rapidly expanding market that has given us a chance to diversify, and ISC has been really helpful in helping us to understand the market." - Christopher Bradford, Head of BrainPOP UK
"ISC Research has been invaluable in helping us to understand and serve the international school community more effectively. The data and analysis provided by ISC has also enabled us to better support our higher education membership in their efforts to engage with international schools." - Clay Hensley, Senior Director, International Strategy and Outreach, The College Board