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ISC data and intelligence is used by independent schools to help them plan strategically for international expansion and the development of a sister school overseas

The K-12 English-medium international schools market is expanding at pace as an increasing number of families seek out quality Western-style education for their children. Accurate data and intelligence about this market is essential for independent schools wishing to develop within it.

ISC Research is your trusted source for international school data and intelligence

ISC data, trends and intelligence help independent schools to know how, why and where demand for premium international schools is emerging, and the opportunities and the challenges for expanding an independent school brand overseas.

All that you need to prepare for development of your independent school overseas

ISC reports and research partnerships are used by many of the leading independent schools including Harrow International Schools, Wellington College, Malvern College, Dulwich College International, Haileybury, Marlborough, Repton School, Sherborne, North London Collegiate, Brighton College and Cranleigh School.

ISC Products and Services for Independent Schools

Market Intelligence Reports

Detailed reports for specific countries that ISC considers have most potential for international school expansion and development now and in the near future.

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Global Report

All major trends, analysis, forecasts, market issues and key drivers influencing the world’s international schools market in one detailed, quick-to-read, annual report.

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Opportunities Report

Highlighting countries where development of new international schools look particularly favourable.

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Benchmarking Reports

An ISC Benchmarking Report will help you understand how your future international school will perform, compared to other schools that matter to you.

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Statistical Reports

A cost-effective way for you to access specific data on any aspect of the international schools market.

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Specialist Reports

Analysis of specialist areas of international school life.

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Schools Research Partner

An ongoing, extensive partnership to support all your research needs, from reports to consultancy.

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News for International Schools

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The PIE News - January 2018
The PIE News - January 2018

ISC predicts growth for international schools

The PIE features news from ISC that the growth and interest in English-medium international schools is far from waning, with new projects - often specifically with local children in mind - proving popular the world over.

Wall Street Journal - January 2018
Wall Street Journal - January 2018

New York's Dwight School Plans New Campus in Dubai

Wall Street Journal reports how the US private school is among the latest to venture into the fast-growing Middle East business hub, and quotes ISC Research data and future forecasts.

The International Educator - October 2017
The International Educator - October 2017

Why market data matters for schools

Knowing where your school stands within the increasingly competitive international schools market is vital for senior leaders who need to strategically focus their marketing, admissions and development plans. ISC Schools Director, Richard Gaskell offers advice.

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