Global Opportunities Report 2019

Identify locations where most international school growth and development is likely

This annual report provides data, trends and intelligence on the global international schools market. It includes a focus on key locations with the greatest potential for market growth and new development.

Specific versions of this report are produced for schools, and also for education suppliers and organisations wishing to better understand development and business potential with the world's international schools market.



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“I find the research and market intelligence from ISC very useful because it is comprehensive. I like the ‘at a glance’ approach of the reports and the executive summary, but when you wish to delve further, the information is there. The reports are in-depth, but you can also acquire specific information should you need it; having the two elements is very important. When I have required more specific analysis, ISC has been very quick to deliver.”
Helen Kavanagh, Director of International Business Development, Wellington College