Global Opportunities Report 2019

Quickly and accurately understand the world's international schools market

This annual report provides data, trends and intelligence on the global international schools market. It includes a focus on key locations having the most impact on the market today and into the future.

Specific versions are produced for schools, and also for education suppliers and organisations wishing to better understand development and business potential with the world's international schools market.

Why choose the Global Opportunities Report?

This report gives you an important global perspective on the international schools market and how it is developing year on year. The market is expanding and evolving at a rapid pace. The reasons impacting development are extensive and vary significantly from country to country. The Global Report highlights where and how the market is moving.

Whether you are looking to enter the international schools market, or you're already established within it and wishing to expand, or you want to remain as informed as possible, this is an essential report for you.

This report is fundamental in helping you to understand the trends and key locations most impacting the market today.

What's included in the Global Opportunities Report?

350 pages of easy-to read intelligence and data on the world's international schools market including:

  • Trends in school numbers and student enrolment
  • Curricula and examination trends
  • Analysis of tuition fees
  • Analysis of staff numbers, nationalities, salaries and benefits
  • Intelligence on school groups and ownership
  • Details of accreditation bodies and international school associations
  • Analysis of the international schools market by region
  • Crucial intelligence on key markets for international school development
  • Intelligence and projections for future development

How is the report produced?

ISC's field-based researchers gather data and intelligence directly from schools, governments and reputable associations. These researchers visit over 300 premium international schools in their region each year to collect the data that matters to inform school development, strategic planning and market understanding.

ISC's desk-based researchers gather supporting information

ISC's data analysis team scrutinizes all the data for stats and trends

ISC's reports team prepares reputable, current and comprehensive reports


International Schools

Understand the market you are in. This broad report provides trends and analysis to help you understand how the entire market is expanding and developing.

Education Suppliers

This report is fundamental to your business strategy. It will inform your plans for regional development and help you identify market opportunities in advance of your competition. It will provide you with essential intelligence and trends that will support your business development such as curricula selection, fee ranges and facilities. It also highlights new school developments already underway.

Higher Education

This report will help to inform your future undergraduate admissions strategy. It will also highlight opportunities to deliver teacher training.

The report shares student and teacher trends allowing you to strategically target countries and sub-regions offering most potential for your establishment and courses.


Should you be considering investment opportunities within the international schools market? This report allows you to understand how, why and where the market has been developing, and will be developing in the future.

It is the essential first step into international school investment and an important report for remaining up-to-date as the market continues to evolve.

Independent Schools

Are you considering the development of a sister school overseas? This report provides the initial intelligence you need to inform your decisions. It will guide your selection of potential locations where investment is possible and likely to occur.

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“I find the research and market intelligence from ISC very useful because it is comprehensive. I like the ‘at a glance’ approach of the reports and the executive summary, but when you wish to delve further, the information is there. The reports are in-depth, but you can also acquire specific information should you need it; having the two elements is very important. When I have required more specific analysis, ISC has been very quick to deliver.”
Helen Kavanagh, Director of International Business Development, Wellington College