Online International Schools Data Platform

The ISC Research international schools data platform is the most comprehensive data and intelligence platform available on the world's English-medium K-12 international schools market.

The ISC Research data platform provides immediate access to extensive real-time data, analysis, news and information on all international schools around the world where English is the main language of learning.

The platform enables you to search and filter all the data it has available on over 12,000 international schools. This allows you to identify the right schools for your business and to connect with the relevant decision-makers within those schools.

The platform is live and provides real-time data, keeping you up-to-date with all data on the international schools market as it changes.

The ISC Research data platform is called ISC Online and is used by educational suppliers, specialist providers, and higher education institutions as well as by the international schools themselves.

ISC Online is accessible through a 12-month licence giving you all the data and information you need to develop your international business.

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What our customers say about ISC Online
We are really enjoying using the ISC Online portal - I use it daily! It has proved a shrewd investment thus far, not only for driving new sales but also for quickly checking information on schools such as number of students, fees etc which we use for pricing. It's also handy to see future schools on there as well.

Hugh Webster
Sales Manager
JCS Online Resources
ISC Online is essential for our business and always will be. We simply couldn't map the market and keep up with the changes which happen so rapidly within this sector without it.

Kris Hair
Managing Director
The International Teaching Partnership
ISC Online helps us make new contacts and the value of ISC studies is really apparent. Having access to that plays a big part in our future dealings with schools.

Stuart Rickard Director & Co-founder

In my experience, the data ISC Research provides on the international school market is comprehensive and accurate and it's a fantastic tool that helps me to personalise the emails I send.

Hannah Pinch
Integral Administrator Mathematics in Education and Industry


We found the new ISC portal a huge improvement in terms of usability, visual appearance of data and quick access to handy reports.

Eva Schmidt
International Marketing Manager
Hodder Education

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International schools have great budget autonomy and decision freedom, they are actively interested in quality education supplies, it’s a rapidly expanding market that has given us a chance to diversify.

Christopher Bradford
Head of BrainPOP UK

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We consider students from international schools to be really important to us. They generally have a high level of academic achievement and valuable skills including great arts provision, which is particularly important to us.

Rhian John
International Office
Norwich University of the Arts

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