ISC Online is the most comprehensive data portal available on the world's English-medium K-12 international schools market.

ISC Online provides extensive real-time data, analysis, news and information on all international schools around the world where English is the main language of learning.

ISC Online enables you to search and filter all the data it has available on over 10,200 international schools. This allows you to identify the right schools for your business and to connect with the relevant decision-makers within those schools.

ISC Online is used by educational suppliers and higher education institutions as well as by the international schools themselves.

Why choose ISC Online?

Efficiently and accurately identify all the international schools relevant for marketing and selling your services and products.

Communicate directly with the relevant decision-makers in the right international schools that matter for your business.

Remain well informed of all international school news as it is published by the world's press.

Find out about conferences and events you can attend to get face-to-face with international school decision-makers.

What's included in an ISC Online licence?

Real-time data and analysis on the international schools market, which is constantly updated

Details of more than 10,000 K-12 English-medium international schools around the world

Search and filtering tools to target schools by city, country, curriculum, orientation, school size, school age, tuition fee range, distance to a specific location, and more

Contact details of international school senior leaders, HODs, and specialist services such as librarians and college counsellors (including names and direct emails)

Latest market-relevant news published in international and national press

13 month calendar of conferences and events that bring international school decision-makers together with suppliers and specialist providers

Details of school groups and international school associations

API for easy linking to your CRM

ISC Online's latest features

ISC Online had a complete redesign in 2018. The new ISC Online includes:

Enhanced filtering for even more effective targeting including school groups, school fee ranges, schools within a specific distance of a location, and more

Improved comprehensive data downloads

API for easy CRM connection

Accessibility on all devices

Modern, easy to use interface

Why is the international school market so important for education providers and suppliers?

The English-medium, K-12 international schools market is an extremely healthy market and growing. It is highly competitive too. Some cities have well over 100 international schools for parents to choose from. International schools demand high quality resources and services to ensure they deliver high standards and remain a school of choice.

What our customers say about ISC Online
ISC Online is an outstanding source of data, and we have a great response rate. Alongside that, their customer service is of an excellent standard.
Alex Mercieca
Membership Services Director
ISC Online is so easy to use and there is plenty of information on the portal. I would definitely recommend it.
Amy Pham
Associate Director of International and Graduate Admissions
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
It's been an amazing additions to have so much school data. customer service response time is incredible, whenever we have a query I've always received a detailed response within an hour.
Callum Barrett
E-Learning Consultant
Titus Learning Ltd.
We found the new ISC portal a huge improvement in terms of usability, visual appearance of data and quick access to handy reports.
Eva Schmidt
International Marketing Manager
Hodder Education

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International schools have great budget autonomy and decision freedom, they are actively interested in quality education supplies, it’s a rapidly expanding market that has given us a chance to diversify.
Christopher Bradford
Head of BrainPOP UK

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We consider students from international schools to be really important to us. They generally have a high level of academic achievement as well as valuable extra-curricular skills including great arts provision, which is particularly important to us.
Rhian John
International Office
Norwich University of the Arts

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Education Suppliers

This is a must have tool for any education supplier wishing to excel in the international schools market. Stay up to date and ahead of the game with real-time data and analysis.

Higher Education

Over 80% of all students attending English-medium international schools today are local children. Their families are investing in their education from the earliest age to prepare them well in order to gain an undergraduate degree at a western university. The other 20% are expatriates with a high expectation of achieving a degree.

International officers can stay ahead of their competitors, maximise their admission strategy, identify the schools with the right calibre of students, and connect directly with the schools' College Counsellors through this real-time data portal.