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These are our most detailed country specific reports, produced for countries that have the most potential for international school development

Our Market Intelligence Reports are produced for countries having most impact on the international schools market today and into the future. These reports include highly detailed data, trends and intelligence to provide the due diligence for international school expansion and development.

Why choose the Market Intelligence Report?

This is our most detailed country report, written with due diligence in mind for international school expansion or new development. This report can help you to;

  • Access detailed and current market data and trends essential for international school development
  • Understand the international schools market in a specific location of the world
  • Identify the demand for international schools and opportunities for growth in a specific location
  • Understand the challenges hindering market development in a specific location

What's included in the Market Intelligence Report?

Over 100 pages of market trends, data and intelligence including:

  • Detailed analysis of the country's current international schools market
  • Market influences impacting international schools in the country today and for the future
  • Demand analysis for international schooling in the country including detailed socio-economic analysis
  • Government regulations affecting opportunities for international school development in the country
  • Future international schools already under development in the country

How is the report produced?

ISC's field-based researchers gather data and intelligence directly from schools, governments and reputable associations. These researchers visit over 100 premium international schools in their region each year to collect the data that matters to inform school development, strategic planning and market understanding.

ISC's desk-based researchers gather supporting information

ISC's data analysis team scrutinizes all the data for stats and trends

ISC's reports team prepares reputable, current and comprehensive reports

What countries are available?

The countries where Market Intelligence Reports can be produced for are:

  • Western Europe
  • China (North East, East Coast, South East and South West)
  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Northern Emirate Modules)

Sample pages of the ISC Research 2018 China Report


Education Suppliers

Are you looking to expand your business in a particular country?

If so, this reports will provide you with the critical data to improve your business development and strategic marketing plans.

Independent Schools

These reports provides detailed demand analysis for school investment and development in particular countries.

International Schools

This report can help you understand the current international schools market and stay ahead of futue internatioanl school development

Higher Education

Do you have a country that is of particular interest to your business development and admissions plans?

The MIR report will provide you with a detailed analysis of the country's current international schools market


This report is a necessity for any school development or investment. Understand market influences and government regulations with this highly detailed report.

“Any school looking to open in China and benefit from the burgeoning market for an international style education, needs to be fully versed on what it takes to successfully traverse the legal systems, geographical variations, and demographic differences within the country. The ISC Market Intelligence Report is an essential tool for any school wishing to explore the opportunities which exist in China. Packed with data looking at the key factors influencing education in China, the report will be an invaluable aid to schools embarking on this process, or for governing bodies seeking reassurances that China is a worthwhile market in which to explore.” - Patrick Mulvihill, Development Director, Uppingham School, UK