Detailed country-specific reports, produced for countries that have the most demand for international schools, and most potential for school expansion and development.


ISC Research Market Intelligence Reports provide the information you need to understand current demand for international schools in the country, and the potential for new schools and campuses.

These reports include details of a country's  public and private education provision and the prominence and value of international schools within the country. Historic trends, detailed current data analysis, and supporting intelligence addressing such factors as government regulation, provide a clear understanding of today's market. Projections for the future demand of international schools, and details of schools under development, guide investment and development planning.  

Market Intelligence Reports are accessible for the following countries:

Sample pages of the ISC Research 2018-19 Cambodia Report

“Any school looking to open in China and benefit from the burgeoning market for an international style education, needs to be fully versed on what it takes to successfully traverse the legal systems, geographical variations, and demographic differences within the country. The ISC Market Intelligence Report is an essential tool for any school wishing to explore the opportunities which exist in China. Packed with data looking at the key factors influencing education in China, the report will be an invaluable aid to schools embarking on this process, or for governing bodies seeking reassurances that China is a worthwhile market in which to explore.” - Patrick Mulvihill, Development Director, Uppingham School, UK

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