China Market Intelligence Report 2018 - 19

China’s international schools market is in a period of continued and significant growth and movement. Many schools are changing their operational and business platforms to comply with recent changes in legislation. Local demand for international education is fueling substantial growth in the Chinese private school sector, where the number of dual curriculum, bilingual campuses offering international programmes is continuing to expand.

This China Market Intelligence Report provides an analysis of the international schools market to help you stay one step ahead.

China modules available: Intelligence and Policies MIR, The East Coast MIR, The North East MIR, The South East MIR, and The South West MIR.

Sample pages of the ISC Research 2018-19 China Report

Did you know?

Responding to the demand from wealthy local families for international education, there is a rapid increase in the number of UK and US independent school brands opening campuses in China.

What to expect from the China Market Intelligence Report

  • Detailed analysis of the current international schools market in China
  • Market influences impacting international schools in China today and in the future
  • Demand analysis for international schooling in China including detailed socio-economic analysis
  • Government regulations affecting opportunities for international school development in China
  • Future international schools already under development in China.

  • Why choose the China Market Intelligence Report

    This is our most detailed country report for China written with due diligence in mind for international school expansion or new development. This report can help you to;

  • Access detailed and current market data and trends essential for international school development
  • Understand the international schools market in China
  • Understand the challenges hindering market development in China

  • How is the report produced?

    ISC's field-based researchers gather data and intelligence directly from schools, governments, and reputable associations. These researchers visit over 100 premium international schools in their region each year to collect the data that matters to inform school development, strategic planning, and market understanding.

    ISC's desk-based researchers gather supporting information

    ISC's data analysis team scrutinizes all the data for stats and trends

    ISC's reports team prepares reputable, current and comprehensive reports

    ISC Research supplies primary-source intelligence and data, collected by its field-based researchers, on the English-medium K-12 international schools market in China, and other key countries most appropriate for international school development. Data and intelligence is gathered directly from schools, government bodies and reputable associations in China to produce detailed demand analysis of this developing market.

    The ISC China Market Intelligence Report supports schools, investors and developers with detailed data and market intelligence to support due diligence and strategic planning.

    The report is highly detailed and easy-to-read to provide all your decision-makers with accurate, current, in-depth understanding about international school investment and development potential in China. The report includes:

    • Socio-economic data influencing private, international education demand in China
    • Education policy and legislation impacting international school development in China
    • International school data analysis throughout China with specific sections on supply and demand
    • Specific sections detailing supply and demand for China's mid-market plus international schools and China's premium international schools
    • Future international schools and new campuses already under development
    • The market outlook for China.

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