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Stuart Curry is Head of Marketing and Sales for Real Group

As a leading online training provider, Real Training has always considered borders largely irrelevant in delivering masters-level training to education professionals. Our entire ethos and model, whether the practice-led learning or next-generation online platform, means we are perfectly placed to support teachers and schools regardless of geography.

The international market potential

In the past few years we had seen significant natural growth across the world, driven partly by past delegates moving overseas and sharing their positive experiences with new colleagues and continuing their progression themselves, and also through standard marketing tools including Google AdWord campaigns..

How to progress strategically within the international market

However, taking the leap into seriously developing international markets can be daunting for two main reasons - where to begin, and understanding local needs and nuances.

The resource and expertise available to help us

One of the key tools in helping us gain the insight and market access we needed was the ISC Research platform. This has been an invaluable tool in helping us understand market size, make up and sentiment - and then giving us the platform to contact these schools with messages that are useful, timely and appropriate. However, ISC Research has not simply been an excellent online resource. The human aspect has also been critical and the training, account management and support has been first class.

How we used this resource

With ISC as one of the key tools in our toolkit, we have seen our international business grow by well over 100% in the past 12 months, understood which markets to strategically target and in which order, and we can now talk to local schools, government bodies and other partners with confidence that we understand their needs.

Where we are now

Based on this growth, development and understanding, we've recently created new masters-level courses specifically for British International Schools (or iSenco qualification, for example), delivered hugely successful courses in Dubai and were recently shortlisted for the Exporting Excellence Award at the Education Investor Awards. Without ISC Research this may have all been possible with time. However, that is far from certain - and it certainly wouldn't have been such a rapid process. Within 12 short months, ISC Research have become a key partner for Real Group and I've no doubt will continue to support our international development and understanding for a long time to come.

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