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Many of the world's leading education suppliers use ISC services to extend their global reach


"Quite simply, the ISC research database platform ISC Online, is the best and only real way to get an accurate picture of the international independent school market."
Sarah Marshall, Head of Content, BETT Global Series

"We have had great success connecting with international schools using ISC Online. We have strong open rates on separate targeted emails with School Leaders, Learning Support Teachers, Middle School and High School Teachers, and Counselors. We’ve definitely seen a nice bump in registrations to our seminars and workshops, but more importantly we’re building good relationships with a new network of schools.”
Nick Haisman-Smith, Director and Co-Founder, Institute for Social and Emotional Learning

"ISC Online is an outstanding source of data, and we have a great response rate. Alongside that, their customer service is of an excellent standard".
Alex Mercieca, Membership Services Director, ECIS

“Our international plans and revenues are starting to ferment and grow and ISC has been pivotal - so thank you”.
Martin Casimir, Managing Director, Maths No Problem!



“ISC provides us with critical data to ensure we are talking with the right schools and the right people so that we can provide solutions to meet their digital communication needs.”
Debbie Eisenach, International Marketing Manager, Finalsite


"We found the new ISC portal a huge improvement in terms of usability, visual appearance of data and quick access to handy reports. Accessing ISC’s data is now even easier and quicker, and filtering schools and contacts is more intuitive. There are now quick and simple ways to generate visual reports showing number of schools who fit a certain search criterion around the world – or within a specific region. As always, the ISC team are very responsive, and always happy to help with any specific queries and training requests."
Eva Schmidt, International Marketing Manager, Hodder Education


“We are delighted with the immediate impact the ISC Research database has had on our sales and pipeline. After sending out two email campaigns in the past two days, we have secured 21 sales demos and have already signed our first two contracts which will cover the licence fee charged. Because we have a high close rate, having access to the ISC Research database marks a significant turning point in our company, which will enable us to grow rapidly.”
Sarah Mintey, CEO, Developing Experts



“Pearson ran an e-newsletter sign-up campaign for international schools using information and data from ISC Online. The campaign was segmented into IB, secondary and primary customer groups – information we were able to easily source from ISC Online. A targeted email was created for each group, encouraging contacts to sign up for the latest news relevant to their sector (this excluded all those contacts from the ISC database that already subscribed to Pearson e-newsletters). We sent in total around 20,000 emails and achieved an additional 885 e-newsletter sign-ups from this campaign which was approximately a 4% success rate. We were delighted with these results which exceeded expectations, and with the accuracy of the ISC database”
Mark Bodle, Marketing Manager Global Schools, Pearson Education


“My first email [using ISC Online data] received a unique open rate of over 24%. This shows how clean your data is since purchased lists usually get a 10-15% open. I am very pleased."
Lynne Lavini, eMarketing Manager, Kurzweil Education

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