“As a client and contributor to ISC Research, I have found the insight and data gained, invaluable, current and accurate. I commend ISC to anyone seeking an insight into emerging markets, either with new projects or innovative products.”
Clive Pierrepont, Director of Communications, Taaleem

From Higher Education

ISC services connect higher education institutions with international school college counsellors and students around the world

“My life has been made much easier with the ISC database. I wouldn’t be without it now. It means that I can identify all the possible target schools with post-16 curricula, including French, German and IB target schools. The ISC database helped the removal of uncertainty around ‘unknown unknowns’ - if I just relied on lists of schools from different associations I wouldn’t know which schools I was missing.”
Marie-Anne Martin, Head of European Recruitment, New College of the Humanities, London

“Our partnership with ISC Research has been invaluable in helping us to understand and serve the international school community more effectively. The data and analysis provided by ISC has also enabled us to better support our higher education membership in their efforts to engage with international schools.”
Clay Hensley, Senior Director, International Strategy & Outreach, The College Board

“There’s massive competition now to recruit the brightest and best, and international schools are incredibly valuable to us for their very bright and fully rounded students. We’ve subscribed to ISC Online to extend our reach beyond where we travel to. We use ISC Online to spread the word, to identify visits to cities; particularly to those we might not have been to before, and to identify which schools might be good to work with.”
Liz Green, Senior International Officer, University of Manchester

“International schools are a very important market for us. Their students meet all of our requirements; they are well prepared to mix and participate, they have very good facility of English language, and they’ve been exposed to internationally recognised curricula. ISC Online has particularly helped us to understand the market. It can be directly attributed to our increased understanding of international schools.”
Karen McKellin, Executive Director, International Student Initiative, The University of British Columbia, Canada

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